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Stone Oak Ophthalmology Center offers a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatments for the management of mild to severe ocular conditions and diseases. Our practice specializes in LASIK, PRK, cataract removal, and the management of glaucoma. Our cutting-edge practice is led by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Allison Young who is in partnership with Dr. Teresa Whitney. With our extensive and diverse experience, we have been delivering dependable, high-quality eye care to our local community for many years.

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Having the ability to see clearly is essential to living a healthy, active lifestyle. If you are having trouble with your vision, reach out to our office today to schedule a private consultation with one of our seasoned ophthalmologists. Our gifted team can help treat the underlying cause of your vision impairment so you can regain stable, long-term eyesight. 

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Board-certified ophthalmologists Dr. Allison Young, and Dr. Teresa Whitney make up our Stone Oak surgical team. They have years of specialty training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common eye conditions and advanced ocular diseases. Together, they provide outstanding care to local families and diligently examine all of your treatment options to provide the best avenue for improving your vision and overall eye health. We invite you to meet each of our doctors to learn more and look forward to serving you.


"I am so please that I was recommended to this office as well to Dr. Allison Young. The office and the personal are professional and cheerful. I have Sjögren’s Syndrome which drys everything in your body. I honestly though I was going blind and I was seeing another ophthalmologist in a huge chain operation and it seems like I was going in every three months. I honestly couldn’t see. Dr Young saw me on the first visit and explained that I had a very large cataract in my right eye and it needed to be removed. I was extremely petrified but Dr. Young has the type of additive you want every Doctor to have. It was such an easy operation for me, Dr. Young said that it was so big it took her awhile to get it out. The difference was amazing I see amazing I was so amazed how little I was seeing before. So excited to get the other eye done. The after care was just as through as the pre-op. I recommend this Ophthalmology Center and Dr. Young. Today is January 8th of 2021 and the day before this I had a very gritty feeling in my right eye when I woke up. Just thinking it was my Sjogren's I put in the eye drops and it helped but I had double vision for the day. Knowing I could call Stone Oak Ophthalmology and find out if I need to see a Dr or just find out what I could do. They wanted to get me in but I live a across town and they got me an appointment right away the next day. I saw Dr. Whitney and just like Dr. Young, she took her time took the tests (she explained each test and her reason for taking them) and ended up finding out that I had Shingles in my right eye. I was then told it was a very good thing that I came in because it could be worse the longer you wait. I trust this office and my eye health whole heartily. I have always been treated with respect, professionalism, COVID responsible and I know my appointment was done to it's fullest to help both of us to understand what is happening with my eyes. Again I was afraid my eyesight was going to be gone and I have walked in there and them out knowing everything was being done that could be done. I also got to meet another one of these wonderful Doctors. Thank you Dr. Whitney, I'm not thrilled with having Shingles but thank you for informing me that getting the Shingles Shot is not a 100% it just makes it less infectious. I maybe miserable but it could of been a lot worse with out your insisting we do the testing and your hands on care it could be worse. If you are someone who needs an Ophthalmologist this is the group to go to."



"Dr. Whitney is excellent, caring and very professional. Her staff is professional, helpful and caring. Dr. Whitney’s surgery provided me with a 20/20 vision and I’m very grateful for that. I highly recommend."



"I want to correct an unpleasant review I did out of frustration which it was definitely a reflection of the ongoing turmoil in my life. Having lost my marriage recently and my parents and sister passing away due to COVID, it has been just an emotional rollercoaster. I had a miscommunication issue with billing but the work, caring and professionalism of Dr. Whitney surpasses any issue I had. Her staff was extremely professional and caring. Dr. Whitney practice and surgery provided me with a 20/20 vision and I’m very grateful for that. I believe it is never late to recognize our own mistakes and frustrations. The best to Dr. Whitney and her team. They’re awesome and I sincerely praise the work and diligence of Dr. Teresa Trevino Whitney. Thank you so much!"



"Dr. Teresa Whitney performed cataract surgery on both my left and right eyes in August 2020, and she did an absolutely AWESOME job! Like many, I was terrified of the procedure, and had deferred it for many years, until I was nearly blind - OK, I was legally blind. With GREAT anxiety, I submitted myself to Dr. Whitney's care, and I emerged from the first surgery absolutely amazed at the results. I was back her table a week later for the other eye, FAR less concerned with both the procedure and the outcome. I am now 20:20 in both eyes, no longer need glasses of any kind, and have for the first in over a decade, had the eyeglass restriction removed from my driver's license! I can honestly say, I'm very sorry that I have but only two eyes, or I'd be a repeat patient. Thank you, Dr. Whitney, for restoring my eyesight!!"



"I have been going to Stone Oak Ophthalmology for a few years now concerning my contacts, glasses, eye care and retinal needs, and I cannot express how amazing the entire staff is. The office space is always neat and professional; the receptionists and office staff are all immensely friendly, helpful and accommodating in person and on the phone. All of the assistants and techs are tremendously knowledgeable, patient and thorough, ready to answer any questions. Dr. Held always remembers me and my eyes. It's easy to see she really cares about her clients and their eye health. I constantly suggest this place to all of my friends and respected members of the community; all have expressed how considerate, understanding and kind everyone is here. Keep it up! Highly Recommended! 10/5 Stars ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝"




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At Stone Oak Ophthalmology Center, we genuinely care about each of our patients and are always looking for ways to improve to provide the best care possible. Below, you will find some helpful information regarding our practice, but please do not hesitate to call our office if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.